Jun 01

    Jordan Fisher Talks About Debut Single

    “Teen Beach Movie” actor Jordan Fisher released his debut single “All About Us” earlier this month.
    About the track, Jordan shared that as a new artist, this track is almost his introduction to the world.
    “When they say Jordan Fisher I wanted them to have a solid foundation and have a song that they think of and ‘All of Us’ felt like the best way to introduce myself,” he shared in the video below.

    The track’s music video was released on May 11 and already has more than 1.2 million views. That shouldn’t come as a surprised though because its bursting with energy and packed with sharp dance moves.

    Since “Teen Beach Movie”—both the original and seuquel—Jordan’s appeared on MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” “Bones,” and “Liv and Maddie.” IMDb also shows he will appear in the TV movie “Stay.”

      Jun 01

      Austin Mahone Captures Road Trip With Katya Henry

      Austin Mahone and his friend Katya Elise Henry recently went on a Tampa road trip and the duo captured it all on video. Austin recently shared the video on YouTube and it features a new track that he wrote.

      “Check out baby’s new video we made of the Tampa road trip! + a new song he wrote. def one of my favs!!” shared Katya on Twitter.

      Aside from that, the two look like they had a great time on their adventure.They head to the beach, the ride bikes and they kayak…and all during beautiful weather. We’re totally jealous of their getaway if you can’t tell.

      Austin’s latest collection of songs was released back in December. The mixtape “This Is Not The Album” featured 16 tracks including several collaborations

        Jun 01

        You Can Download Jordan Jansen’s ‘Invincible” Today

        Jordan Jansen’s debut EP album “Invincible” is now available.

        The up-and-coming Australian artist began tracking the album about eighth months ago, however, the album’s lead single “I’m Over You” was written in January.

        “The name ‘Invincible’ was taken from one of the songs names off the EP, and the reason we chose that one was because it’s one of my favourites. Also, I really like the meaning behind the word. As an artist, I have been through a lot during my journey through the music industry, and I would like to think that these experiences made me stronger, and hopefully to the point where I could be Invincible,” shared Jordan in a recent interview.

        The album contains three other tracks, “Selfie,” “Wildcard” and “Don’t Say It’s Over.”

        Jordan has plans to tour the U.S. this summer, so if you are a fan, be sure to check that out!

          Jun 01

          Shawn Mendes Teases New Single

          Image Via Instagram

          Image Via Instagram

          The first single off of Shawn Mendes’ second studio album is set to arrive this Friday. Shawn’s been doing some serious teasing for “Treat You Better.”

          It all began about a week ago when he started posting clips on Instagram. You can check out today’s clip just below.

          A video posted by Shawn Mendes (@shawnmendes) on

          Shawn also retweeted a fan who shared, “If you Shazam a poster you recieve a code that will show you some exclusive content! #Better63.” (@untitledmendes)

          Shawn’s totally stoked—and nervous—for fans to hear the new album.

          “Pouring every single thing i have into this Album and its going to be surreal to share that with you,” he shared on Twitter, “Listening back to these new songs and all of a sudden completely overwhelmed with happiness.”

          Shawn’s debut album “Handwritten” was released just about a year ago. Here in the U.S. the album went platinum and featured hits such as “Stitches” and “Something Big.”

          In fact, “Stitches” is still on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart…and it’s been there for 52 weeks. The track peaked at number four.

          What’s your favorite track by Shawn? Let us know in the comments below.