Mar 05

    How Well Do Cody and Alli Simpson Know Each Other?!

    While hanging out with Teen Vogue, Cody and Alli Simpson played a game to see how well they really know each other. The duo are asked a question and they must both write down their answers on a whiteboard. After they have completed writing their guess, they reveal their answers.

    The game starts off with two questions about Alli and Cody gets them both wrong. He is close both times, but doesn’t have the exact answer.

    When it’s Alli’s turn she gets both questions wrong as well. However, we do learn that Cody’s favorite city in the world is St. Barth in the Caribbean, but he is a big fan of Gold Coast, because it is home and Oslo, Norway.

    By the end of the video the duo scored four wrong and five correct.

      Mar 05

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        Mar 05

        Cody Simpson Heads out on Tour on April 1

        The next couple of months are going to be HUGE for Cody Simpson. He recently revealed that he was starting his own record label and that he was working on a new album entitled ‘Free.’

        To make things even better, he’s already released music videos for his new tracks ‘New Problems’ and ‘Flower.’ Upon ‘New Problems’ release, it found its way among the top of the rock charts in both the U.K., Australia and Canada. ‘Flower’ and ‘New Problems’ are both available today for download.

        And still there is more.

        Cody just announced upcoming tour dates in both the U.S. and Europe.



        The U.S. leg of the tour kicks off on April 1 in Los Angeles, California. Tickets for all U.S. shows go on sale Friday. The European leg of the tour starts April 22 in Helsinki, Finland.


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