Jun 30

Go Behind The Scenes of Becky G.’s Latest Music Video

With the music video release of Becky G.’s ‘Shower’ still shower-fresh on our minds, the singer and songwriter takes fans on a behind the scenes look at the filming of this music video.

The concept behind the video was capturing moments when teens—like Becky—feel good. These moments for the pint-sized rapper include hanging out with her friends, that special someone, and just having a good time.

“You’re going to have fun watching it, because we are having fun making it, it’s legit,” shared Becky. It’s true! If you haven’t already check out the video below!

“Bright lips make me a happy girl!” shared Becky on Twitter. This bts video brings us into the make-up lounge while Becky’s getting ready. For more information on Becky’s look, check out the official Covergirl Youtube channel.

In the BTS vid, Becky also shows off some of her top dance moves.

Jun 30

5SoS Gives Special Performance of ‘Voodoo Doll’

5 Seconds of Summer released their highly anticipated debut album last week on June 27. Fans have been waiting nearly two years to hear the album in its entirety and the guys could not be happier to give them something that is filled with energy, passion, and excitement.

5sosers need to check out this awesome version of ‘Voodoo Doll.’ The crew filmed it with just one microphone and in just one take. Michael leads the song off with a fun-filled Wooohoo!

Ashton gets creative and uses the speaker that he is sitting on as his drum.

We can’t get over how cute the guys are.

Jun 30

‘Break Free’ Music Video Clip

Ariana recently uploaded a clip from the ‘Break Free’ music video to Instagram and we are already in love.

“didn’t want to spoil too much of the storyline so I only showed a tiny glimpse of the vid….” shared Ariana on Twitter.

‘Break Free’ which features Zedd, sounds completely different than ‘Problem’, ‘The Way’ or ‘Baby I.’ This song has an awesome dance beat—which we expected from Electric Dance Music artist Zedd—and strong vocals.

‘Break Free’ will appear on Ariana’s second studio album ‘My Everything,’ which is set for release on Aug.25. However, the track will premiere on July 2.

What are your thoughts on the track so far? Do you like that Ariana is switching her music style up?

Jun 30

Ariana Revals New Album Name!

Ariana Grande’s second studio album ‘My Everything’ is set for release on August 25. A peek at the album’s art work was released over the weekend.

“i reaaally can’t wait for u to hear all the new music,” shared Ariana on Twitter.

Ari kept the artwork on this album simple because she felt as if each song has such a strong theme. With the progression of each song, she wants Arianators to create their own images and their own thoughts. We think this will help fans connect with what Ariana is truly saying.

In an interview, Ariana revealed that she doesn’t want this album to be just like ‘Yours Truly.’ She has also revealed that she worked with producers, Harmony Samuels, Babyface, The Rascals, Tommy Brown and Max Martin.

Those who pre-order ‘My Everything’ from ArianaGrande.com will receive exclusive access to a concert stream of new music.

Tracks on the album revealed thus far include ‘Problem’ featuring Iggy Azalea and ‘Break Free’ which features Zedd.

“problem came out today in the UK & it’s # 1… thank u for being patient, I wish music came out at the same time over there. thank u UK luvs,” Ariana shared on Twitter. Did you know she didn’t plan on putting ‘Problem’ on ‘My Everything?’ It was only after hearing the final mix that she changed her mind.

‘Break Free’ premieres in just three days when Ariana takes over TRL—or Total Ariana Live.