Jul 14

Ariana Grande Opens Up About ‘Sam & Cat’

Screen-Shot-2014-07-14-at-10.33.14-AMphoto via @samandcat)

‘Sam & Cat’ has officially been canceled ( :( ) and Ari wasted no time reaching out to her fans about how she felt about the situation. She wrote a very heartfelt “TwitLonger” thanking Nickelodeon for “making a childhood dream of mine come true, for being a family to me, for being so accommodating and supportive of my multitasking with my music career, and for of course introducing me to many of my fans however many years ago.”

Ari even goes on to tell you how all the ‘Sam & Cat’ characters would have ended up, had it been up to her:

“If I had any say in the story from here on out I’d make sure they [Cat & Robbie] were happily married with sweet, eccentric, Jewish, artificially red headed babies. Cat would constantly find herself reminding Aunt Sam to leave the butter sock and other dangerous weapons out of the house. They’d live down the street from Jade and Beck, also happily married with purple and black haired, pale, grungy, beautiful, goth babies. :) ” AW!

She also opened up about what made Cat Valentine so special and why she’ll always be so dear to her heart. “Her appreciation for life and everybody she encounters. Her passion and genuine excitement for the little things that most people dread like school projects and work. She always saw negative obstacles as opportunities to make things good.”

To read Ariana’s full statement, click here.

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Jul 13

New September Teen Dream Fun & Games Issue On Sale Now!


September Teen Dream Fun and Games issue, featuring One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Vamps, Ariana Grande, Ross Lynch,Austin Mahone,  Laura Marano, & more — in stores NOW!!!

Jul 12

Kendall Schmidt Releases Orchestral Version of New Single ‘Parallel’


Big Time Rush star Kendall Schmidt and band Heffron Drive have released an orchestral version of their new single “Parallel.” Available on iTunes, it can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/1xTgjP7.

“We were so excited to create an orchestral arrangement of ‘Parallel’ – it’s a challenge we have never taken on until now,” Schmidt says. “An atypical sound for us, the new version adds another dimension to the song. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.”

“Parallel” is part of Heffron Drive’s forthcoming album, scheduled for release this fall. Handling the global release of the album is Schmidt’s newly formed private record label, TOLbooth Records.

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Jul 10

New Episode of ‘Sam & Cat’ Set To Premiere July 12

Ariana-Grande-Sam-And-Cat-Cat-Valentine A brand new episode of ‘Sam & Cat’ is set to premiere on July 12.

In the episode titled ‘#WeStealaRockStar’ Sam and Cat have to avoid getting in trouble—can Sam every stay out of trouble?—after they accidentally knock out Del DeVille at his concert.

Unfortunately, this is the second to last episode of the show.

However, we know it won’t be long before we see these two Hollywood starlets again. Jennette is constantly uploading funny videos to vine and covers to YouTube and Ariana will be releasing her second studio album on August 25.

The show’s final episode ‘#GettinWiggy’ airs July 17. In ‘#GettinWiggy’ Cat and Dice goes to a hair modeling job in Arizona. Meanwhile, Sam is stuck at home with only Nona—Cat’s crazy grandmother—as her roommate.

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