Jan 16

Jake Austin Lends His Voice In A New Movie

“Wizards of Waverly Place” and “The Fosters” actor, Jake T. Austin has lent his voice to an all new animated flick titled “Khumba.”

In the movie, Jake voices a Zebra who was born with only half of his stripes. Due to superstition, Khumba is cast out of his herd. He then embarks on a journey to find his stripes. Along the way, he meets some interesting characters and builds enough confidence to save all of the animals in the Great Karoo.

Other actors set to appear in the movie include Liam Neesan as Phango and AnnaSophia Robb as Tombi.

“Khumba” hits stores across the nation later this year.

Jul 01

Meet Maia Mitchell!

“Teen Beach Movie” arrives on Disney Channel in less than 20 days and we cannot wait. The new movie is going to be filled with awesome dance scenes, catchy tunes and lots of drama. Maia Mitchell plays the female lead, McKenzie, who also by Mack.

In the movie, Mack and Brady (played by Ross Lynch) are transported to the classic beach movie, “Wet Side Story”. Mack thinks the two should head home immediately before some bad happens. Brady loves the movie and insists the two stay for a little while. While Brady is having a great time, Mack finds herself breaking out in song randomly and turning into one of the movie’s characters. Will the two be able to get home before they are trapped in “Wet Side Story” forever?

Mack may by new to the cast of “Wet Side Story” but she is no stranger to acting and performing. Maia has been dancing for most her life and even plays the role of Callie on ABC Family’s “The Fosters”.

Check other fun facts below!

1. She was born in Australia on August 18, 1993.
2. Maia made an appearance in 2013 on “Jessie” and played the role of Shaylee Michaels.
3. At a young age, Maia learned how to play the guitar.
4. She has a younger brother named Charlie.
5. At the age of 13 she made her acting debut on a TV show titled “Mortified”.

Want to get to know the “Teen Beach Movie” actress a little better? Follow her on Twitter! Her username is @MaiaMitchell.

Jun 10

Liz And Matt Give Tips On How To Make It As An Actor

Have you ever wanted to act? Could you see yourself on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel? On a special edition of “The Universe!” Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies discuss how to make it as an actor.

The two of them have 51 hilarious tips including “Choose an accent and Stick With It” as well as “If a 60-year-old man offers to buy you clothes & plastic surgery- take it! It’s the 70’s!”. Hmm…pretty strange, but the two definitely had a great time.

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